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Our Welfare Team

We here at GUWC don't just take care of our bodies, but also our minds. We realise that everybody has bad days, or just need somebody to talk to. Our Welfare team is here for this very reason. If you ever want to have a chat or have an issue and would like to speak to somebody, Isadora and David are always happy to help! Meet up for a coffee, schedule a meeting, or whatever you feel comfortable with, and they will try and help you out to the best of their ability, or direct you to the correct people. Find out more about them and how you can contact them below.

For access to GUSA's new reporting form to make a complaint or vent about the club or any of its members and would feel more comfortable not speaking to a committee member or welfare, please utilise it here:

Or alternatively please fill out the GUWC Welfare Support Form which is monitored by our welfare officers:

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Isadora Durkin

Welfare Officer

Hi there, this is one of your new welfare officers, Isadora! I’m here as a support to anyone in the club who needs me. I have been lifting since 2020 and never thought I would be interested in powerlifting. I was actually encouraged by other members of the club to join and give it a try. I found GUWC was such a welcoming community and discovered I’m a sucker for bench. I am so grateful and hope to be there for any new members who feel like they need motivation or assistance. Balancing your health and your work can be a difficult thing. I am an open ear for any issues that come with navigating these challenges.

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David Meltzer

Welfare Officer

Hello all! My name is David Meltzer and I am one of the welfare officers for the GUWC. My role as welfare officer is to be a safe person that you can talk to about anything and to provide resources should you need to address an issue I cannot. I began my fitness journey, as many people do, in an effort to get healthy. Due to my boulder-like physique I drifted naturally towards powerlifting/strongman. My singular goal in strength sports is to lift the Dinnie Stones. On the way to that goal, I plan to get as strong as I possibly can. As welfare officer, my goal is to be there for you when you need it. Are you concerned about your performance in the gym? Tell me about it. Are you worried that your coursework is overwhelming you? Me too, tell me about it. Are you not doing well because your elderly dog is showing signs of the end? I have been there, and I will be there for you if you need it. The bottom line is I want you all to succeed, not only in the gym but in life. My door will always be open.

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