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  • What types of strength sports do you do?
    We cater to all aspects of strength sport; Powerlifting, Weightlifting, CrossFit, Strongman and more! Our coached sessions focus on Powerlifting and Olympic Weightlifting, however both of these sessions will be beneficial to anyone with a passion for lifting and interested in getting stronger.
  • Do you welcome anyone and everyone?
    We are a club inclusive of all identities and try our hardest to make the club as inclusive and accessible to all. We recognise that this as an ongoing process, which is why our welfare officers are here to address any doubts or worries that you may have regarding the club and/or the gym environment in general
  • Do I need to have lifted before / I don't lift heavy?
    We welcome anyone regardless of experience, that's what the coaches are there for! The club has abilities ranging from complete beginner to world champions, and experienced members are always happy to give a few words of wisdom or helpful hints to those who may just be starting out on their lifting journey
  • How do I join the club?
    It's easy! Sign up via UofG Sport > Club Sport > Join a club: Please note - You must have a UofG Sport full-access membership to join the club.
  • How much is club membership?
    £25 for the academic year / £15 for a semester.
  • When are our training sessions?
    Powerlifting coached training : Wednesday 6pm - 8pm, Studio 1 Open uncoached training session: Saturday 1pm-3pm, Studio 1 Olympic Weightlifting coached training : Saturday 3pm - 5pm, Studio 1 All of our sessions take place in Studio 1 of the Stevenson Building. You must sign up beforehand for track and trace purposes via the members portal :
  • Do I need to attend training sessions?
    Nope, our coached training sessions are not mandatory at all! Our coaches and captains are available to help you outside scheduled training sessions, just fire them a message or come and speak to them if you see them in Powerplay. We encourage those who require guidance and direction to come to training sessions, and from there we can help you formulate a training plan to follow in your own time. Plus, Studio 1 sessions are a great opportunity to come and meet likeminded lifters!
  • Can I use Studio 1 outside club training times?
    Unfortunately Studio 1 is only allowed to be used for scheduled club training times. Even if the studio is empty, you will not be allowed to train in there outside of training times. If a session is scheduled and only a single person shows up (this rarely happens), you will not be allowed to use the Studio either, as the Stevenson Building rules state there must be more than two people present at all times in Studio 1 for safety purposes.
  • What equipment do I need?
    Sports clothing that allows a good range movement (anything you feel comfortable in!) Water bottle (you will get thirsty) If you have flat shoes, such as converse, it’s worth bringing them with you as running shoes are unstable so not ideal for strength sports You don't NEED any equipment, however items such as weightlifting shoes, knee sleeves, chalk, wrist wraps and lifting belts may all come in useful as you progress through your lifting journey. Speak to our coaches, captains and quartermaster if you have any questions regarding kit and equipment!
  • Can I compete with you? Or do I need to?
    Competing for the club is completely optional and voluntary! We run mock meets to simulate competition settings, for all abilities, across multiple strength disciplines. There will be plenty of opportunities to lift in competition with the club throughout the whole academic year! We also support individuals to attend competition and chose competitive teams to attend Scottish Championships (and beyond!).
  • Do you guys do socials?
    We alternate sober and non sober socials throughout the academic year. These are published in advance to ensure they’re accessible for as many people as possible. In order to get notified when socials are published, join our Facebook group and follow us on Instagram!
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