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Your 2023/24 Captains & Coaches


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Rona Hitchins
Women's Powerlifting Captain

Hello, I'm Rona the Women's Powerlifting Captain. Since joining the club last year, I have fallen in love with the sport, and I’d love to encourage others to do the same! 

GUWC has given me a lot of valuable powerlifting experience over the past year. I love competing in powerlifting competitions, and I’m excited to help others reach their goals and start competing too.

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Harrison Goldie
Men's Powerlifting Captain

I'm Harrison, the Men's powerlifting captain for this year. I've been playing sports and been going to the gym for a few years now, but only started powerlifting when I first joined GUWC in November 2021. My favourite lift is definitely bench press, probably because I used to be able to bench more than I could deadlift. I'm excited to not only improve my own lifting but hopefully help other members of the club to progress towards their lifting and competition goals.

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Alex Easson
Women's Olympic  Weightlifting Captain

Hey! I’m Alex, a 4th year medical student and this year’s women’s Olympic Weightlifting captain. I discovered Olympic lifting through CrossFit which I have been doing for 2 years, and I absolutely fell in love with the sport. As someone who’s previously struggled with eating disorders, Oly lifting has made me feel so empowered and confident in myself. Your body can do amazing things, and I cannot wait to share my passion for this sport with all of our members this year. I’ve competed in both CrossFit and Oly lifting over the past year and also want to share any helpful hints and tips that I can over the next year. Always up for a chat, so if you see me in the gym (I may have my resting lifting face on but I promise I’m not actually scary) please come say hi! 🥰

Eoghan McArthur
Men's Olympic Weightlifting Captain

Hey I’m Eoghan, and I am a 5th year chemistry and medicinal chemistry student. I started training at 11 years old at my local CrossFit gym, and haven’t stopped since! I joined GUWC in my first year in 2019, and since then I have met some amazing friends and training partners, and trained under some some great coaches. I have been competing for the last two years and have picked up some valuable experience which I look forward to sharing with you all! I love training with others so please come say hi if you spot me in the gym!

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Lauchlan Mitchell


Powerlifting Coach

Hello, I'm Lauchlan. I’ve been powerlifting for close to 7 years and have competed at both a national and international level. I have won the 2019 University Powerlifting Championship at the U93kg class. My best lifts are 260kg squat, 200kg bench and 290kg deadlift. I’ve had several years experience coaching a variety of lifters from beginners all the way through to helping my clients win British Powerlifting Championships. Powerlifting is a great sport and I just want to help people in their journey to becoming as strong as possible.

Rory Watson
Olympic Weightlifting Coach

Hey Guys! My name is Rory, I'm just a Guy who's insanely passionate about weightlifting and who wants to see you reach your full potential. I've fallen in Love with the Sport that falls right in the centre of the force-velocity curve, the sport that requires equal parts unbridled speed and complete control. If you come along on Saturday from 3-5 in studio one, hopefully I can show you why :))

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