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GUWC Lifts 100,000kg

February is LGBTQ+ history month, so in order to celebrate the efforts being made to make sport and society a better and more inclusive place, the GUWC has partnered with local charity, LGBT Health and Wellbeing, to raise funds by lifting 100,000 kg!

Our club is a community for students to become more comfortable in the gym, lifting weights and competing in strength sports. Inclusivity and mental wellbeing are at the core of our club values, especially with how much stigma there can be around lifting weights. Our long-term members have enjoyed the benefits of lifting weights on mental wellbeing and body image, and we are proud to welcome members of any background, gender, or orientation. 


The Cause: LGBT Health and Wellbeing is a Scottish charity that specialises in promoting the health and wellbeing of all those that fall under the LGBTQIA+ umbrella. Their activities include counselling and mental health appointments, mental wellbeing workshops, a Glasgow Trans Support Programme, Asylum Seeker & Refugee Projects, and community groups and activities. You can find out more about these on their website: and social media pages: @LGBTHealthy.


  All the money raised by our club will go 100% to LGBT Health and Wellbeing Glasgow, and this will be used to fund their services in Glasgow. Even small donations could make a massive difference and their organisation is of enormous benefit to people right in our own community!

 The Goal: In order to raise funds for this amazing charity, the club has taken on the lofty goal of lifting 100,000 kg in just one day! On Monday, Feb 28th, come along to Powerplay – or catch it on our livestream – where our members will be there from open to close in a bid to lift a cumulative 100 tonnes! We’ll be lifting any way we can – squats, bench, deadlifts, cleans, snatches – anything to get us closer to that goal! 


 Any support you can give will be overwhelmingly appreciated, whether you donate a couple of quid; drop by and cheer us on; or even chip in and lift a few kg’s with us on the day! To donate, simply purchase a token below. Each token is valued at £1, so buy as many as you would want to donate!! (5 tokens = £5 donation eg)

Love n’ gainz as always, and happy LGBTQ+ History month!

£605 Raised!

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