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Here at GUWC, we are striving to make sure our club is as accessible as possible. We welcome anyone regardless of experience, ability or identity. We recognise that our efforts for inclusivity is an ongoing process and welcome any feedback to improve your experience!

The Stevenson Building

At GUWC, we mainly train at the Stevenson Building. It's address is 77 Oakfield Avenue Glasgow (G12 8LT). To help you get familiar with the facilities, we've made a video showing how to get into and around the building!

coming soon...

The Stevenson Building has gendered changing rooms on most floors. Within these changing rooms are a few separate, lockable stalls for those who want some extra privacy when changing. Additionally, there are accessible changing rooms on each floor with a toilet, shower and space to change. On level 3, next to reception, there are gender-neutral toilets available for use. There are also lockers available both inside and outside the changing rooms for everyone to use.


UofG Sport's policy on changing rooms is that members should use whichever changing room they feel most comfortable in. The staff have undergone transgender training and would be happy to help with any issues you encounter while using the gym. There is a zero-tolerance policy against any form of harrassment.

Hardship Funding

For the purposes of enabling participation in competitive Powerlifting and Olympic Weightlifting to as many as possible, the GUWC has allocated funds to reimburse those students going through financial hardships for the entry to SP or BWL competitions. To qualify for these funds, students must meet the criteria for GUSA’s Hardship fund for sport. 

For information of eligibility for the GUSA Hardship fund, please see the following document ( or contact the GUSA Finance Convenor:

This funding will compensate members for the purchase of a membership to either Scottish Powerlifting (SP) or British Weightlifting (BWL) and the standard entry fees to 1 SP competition and 2 BWL competitions. The specific competitions for which these funds are used will be left to the discretion of the applicant.

Applications for the GUWC Hardship Fund will be made available on the Member's Facebook Page in January of each year. Successful applicants will be contacted by the Treasurer to arrange purchase of memberships and entries. Applications after the deadline may still be considered. For information on this year's applications, please contact:

Transgender and Non-Binary Athletes

Scottish Powerlifting recently released the following statement regarding the participation of transgender and non-binary athletes in competitive powerlifting:

"Scottish Powerlifting like all IPF affiliates follows the framework set out by the IOC on Fairness, Inclusion and Non-discrimination on the basis of gender identity and sex variations.

If you are transgendered and have made the transition to living as the opposite sex to the one you were born as, you are absolutely welcome to enter any competitions as the gender that you are now living as.

The only thing the IOC has not implemented within competitive sport is further classes for non-binary gender athletes. As a result, those of non-binary gender must still currently compete in the class to which matches the sex they were assigned at birth.

Please be aware that if members are found to be giving any conflicting advice to transgendered individuals with regards to them being unable to enter competitions, or any debates, assumptions, this will be dealt with by the disciplinary committee as this is contravention of the
IOC framework linked in this post and is simply not true.

Thank You"

The GUWC supports all pathways to platform where athletes can compete as the gender they identify as, whether in powerlifting, weightlifting or any other strength sports. Both British Powerlifting and British Weightlifting have made commitments to follow IOC Guidelines. Please contact our club president at if you require guidance or support concerning the guidelines and gender classifications.

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